Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Because I'd rather do this than write my paper..

10 Years Ago:
Well I guess that would make me...14...freshman in high school, with a huge crush on a senior. That's about all I can remember. Nothing particularly stands out. Maybe coming out of my awkward junior high phase of life?

Things on My To Do List Today:
(well considering its the end of the day, i'll put what i was supposed to do and what I actually did)
Write First Draft of seminar paper - no check.
Get my tooth drilled into - check.
Bank - no check.
Go to class - no check.

What Would I do if I Suddenly Became a Billionaire?
Donate money to Multiple Sclerosis research. Payoff all my student loans and other debts... Buy myself a new house and any one of my family members that wanted one as well. Start my own law firm (Elaine and Tara, y'all can come and be partners in it with me if you want :) ). Travel as much and as often as I can.

3 of My Bad Habits:
Not unloading the dishwasher once the dishes are clean for a week and letting the dirty dishes pile up in the sink (don't judge). Eating out. Messiness.

5 Jobs I've had:
1. Law clerk at firm (now).
2. Law clerk at firm (summer).
3. Intern at Harris County District Attorney's Office.
4. Waitress at Outback.
5. Waitress at Saltgrass.

5 Things You Might Not Know About Me:
1. Before I can sleep the sheets have to be exactly correct and tidy on my bed.
2. On the same note, Im super anal about the cleanliness of my sheets and won't let anything that's not pajamas touch the actual sheets, so jeans, shoes, anything other than pjs, can only touch the comforter.
3. I close my eyes when i brush my teeth.
4. I make to do lists just for the fun of making to do lists, and don't actually ever normally do anything on the to do lists...
5. Sometimes I leave wet clothes in my washer for several days and out of pure laziness don't put them in the dryer or hang them up, and just rewash them again if feel like too much time has passed (more like a bad habit, kind of similar to the not unloading dishes thing - noticing a trend?)

Tag - well...hmph, everyone has already been tagged that would read this and has a blog...

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