Friday, October 31, 2008

The fun that is this weekend!

I'm so glad it's Friday!! This weekend is going to be great!

Today after work I am driving to Waco for the first time in two years! I'm going to meet up with some college friends for dinner and then do all the homecoming festivities. Baylor has changed a lot since I graduated 3 1/2 years ago. I'm excited to see it. There is just something about going back there that makes me so happy.

Tomorrow is my friend Jen Wu's wedding. This is going to be an a-mazing wedding. Its at a resort center. One of the best parts is that about 32 friends from law school are attending. We have two full tables of 16. I cannot wait to see everyone. Its been since the bar exam that we've all been together like this. Fun is sure to ensue. I also bought a really cute dress from WHBM yesterday that I'm super excited to get to wear (you'll be seeing it a lot in pics this season).

Sunday I get to spend the day with my family! My parents and uncle from NC drove down last night. I had dinner with them and then they are going to spend time with Kate today and tomorrow and then Sunday with me! I'm excited for them to see my new apt and meet Callie Cat.

Busy weekend full of such fun things. Its funny to be that they are happening this weekend b/c the next two weekends i have like nothing to do. Ah well, suppose that's life!

If you're going to Baylor Homecoming tonight, give me a ring!

Much Love.

Yay: Cooler weather.
Dang: Being so sore for my personal trainer yesterday that I can barely move my arms...

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