Monday, October 6, 2008

This is me with a big update.

Well hello my friends. Its been a while hasn't it? I tell you what, this past month has been well..interesting to say the least. Why you may ask? Well a multitude of things.

For one, it was my first full month of real world work. I think that I am pretty used to it now, I get tired around 7, go to bed at midnight, wake up and repeat the day. It's weird that now I am here i wish was a student with such flexibility in my day.

Second.I bought my first couch! i have been wanting a new one for a while because all I have had is a lovely little loveseat. It just wasn't doing the job. Last week my sister and i went to Star Furniture and i found the one I wanted! So I bought it. It was delivered today, and as I write this I am sitting on it and it is lovely and poofy and wonderful. Part of it is a chaise lounge, which is great, because well i love to lounge. I will post pics of it once I get my living room set up, which I can do now that I have my couch to work around! Whew!

Third. I joined 24 hour fitness to get fit! I'm going to go work out after I get finished typing this. Goal is to lose some pudge.

Fourth. I got a new job. I know, new job? Don't you already have a job Sara? That's what you are thinking. And you're right, I do already have a job. And my boss right now is fabulous. She is so nice and caring and has been a pleasure working for. I just don't like the work, i need more structure (i know right) and just felt myself being pulled in a different direction. In August after i took the bar I applied to a firm in downtown Houston called Hill, Rivkins, and Hayden. They do commercial litigation, insurance, maritime (like ships/shipping, ocean), energy, oil/gas, transportation. They primarily do court room stuff. Which is exactly what I want to do. Anyways, I interviewed with them almost three weeks ago. I had a second interview last Thursday, and I got an offer today, an offer I just could not turn down! I'll be starting there on Monday, and finishing up with Nancy on Friday. It saddens me to leave her and Lynae (the paralegal) because they are both so lovely and it has been fun working and chatting with them, but sometimes, as i have found, even that is not enough to be happy. I am going to be challenged and put to the test in this new job, but I am ready. I didn't go to law school for nothing! I'm super excited and definitely think this was a God thing. I'll update after I start working there on Monday!

That's about all the updates I have for right now. I'm slowly getting in a routine and slowly figuring out how to handle my life now in this adult world. yikes.

Ok, off to workout, can't put it of anymore!

Much love.

Yay: seeing a best friend of mine last Friday!
Dang: snag in one of my new shirts.

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Cindy said...

Congrats on the new couch and good luck with the new job!! :)