Thursday, September 18, 2008

This is me after a year.

Today is the first date anniversary of Patrick and I!! We aren't celebrating it because next month is our real ONE year anniversary. But I'd thought I'd pay it a little attention with a blog post. One year ago today I went on my very first date with Mr. Patrick Thompson. I'll describe that night a little bit. A few days earlier he asked me if he could take me to dinner. Now Patrick and I had been friends from all of law school. Great friends. One of my closest guy friends I had. I could joke around with him and laugh with him, watch silly movies with him, grab drinks at the Velvet Melvin with him, and just spend quality friend time with him. I started to develop feelings for him along the way of our friendship but never admitted it to myself because we had such a good thing going. Well the summer hit and I couldn't deny what I felt for him and I admitted it to Alisa in July. But then freaked out and quickly suppressed the feelings. It wasn't until mid August when he backed off from our friendship that I let the feelings re-emerge. He asked me to get coffee with him one day during our class break (we had three classes together in a row on M/W). We went and talked and he told me that he had feelings for me and that he couldn't deny them anymore. Being the weird-o that i am i just didnt' say anything. I wanted to say so many things to him but I hadn't figured them all out in my head yet. So i stayed silent. And it wasn't until three weeks later that we talked again at a bar with our friends there, and he said he wasn't going to give up. We ended up talking in my car till 5 am that night (with class the next day), that was when he asked to take me to dinner and that was when I accepted. And I'm glad I got over my crazy insecurities of taking the next step and went with my gut feelings. That was a year ago monday! That brings us to today, a year ago. I remember being really nervous. Not sure what to expect but knowing it was going to be great. He picked me up and had purple flowers for me (which is my favorite color). I hugged him with sweaty palms and a heavily beating heart and smiled. We went to dinner at Mi Luna, which is a tapas restaurant in Rice Village. He ordered a bottle of wine and then we preceded to have the best first date I had ever had. Having gone into this as friends, dinner was just like we were having dinner as friends, but with an added extra fun element and hand holding across the table (i know gag, but i like it!). We talked abuot different things then we had before in other dinners, such as what we wanted in a partner and in a relationship and I just remember smiling. Afterwards we walked around rice village and then met up with some friends for a drink. After that he took me home and we hung out at my apartment for a few more hours talking. I kept wondering when the first kiss was going to happen. Well we were sitting there and then he leaned in and it was great! yay! And that was our first date :) You'll get more next month on the 17th when we celebrate our first year together! I'm very happy and have an amazing man by my side...

This is the night he asked me to dinner a year ago :)

And this is us now, a year later :)


Yay: Finding dinner at CVS.

Dang: Waiting to get back to normal.

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Sarah said...

Very cute story. I actually remember all of this story from when I got the low-down a few days later. I'm so glad that you and Patrick are so happy together. Very important! :-) Love you!