Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Calm after the Storm

I am safe and sound. I'll describe what the past few days have been like. Friday night around 12:30 am we lost power. It went out a few times and would tease us by coming back on but ultimately went out and is still not back on. Went to sleep around 1 am. Woke up at 3 am when we got hit by the middle of the storm. It was really scary. The wind sounded crazy and we looked out windows and trees were sideways. I didn't sleep the rest of the night. Between the storm and no power it was miserable. At one point we went outside in it to secure the gate that was banging below and a grill of patricks that had come loose and was also banging. We woke at 7 am to no power still. Outside there were trees and tree limbs and leaves everywhere. Roof shingles were all along the ground. Across the alley from patricks townhome a tree was uprooted and thrown against the side of a house. His townhome seemed to be fine. The rest of the day was spent hanging around. We left around noon to go check on my apartment. Everything was fine there, other than the normal trees and stuff uprooted. I have no power there either. Across the street from my apartment a building had no sides and there were file cabinets on Richmond. A roof from an office building was pulling down a power line. But right next door the building sustained no damage. The velvet melvin bar lost its awning. We headed back to Patrick's place after deciding that Houston is pretty much crazy right now with damage. In the afternoon we set up my laptop in patrick's car and watch Old School. At about 6pm we drove around again to just enjoy some air conditioning. At about 7 pm we got a call that my sister down in Pearland had power!! So we of course loaded up and stayed there last night. That is currently where I am. We went back up a little while ago to check out my apartment again. All my food is gone. I have water leaks all along my ceilings in both rooms and down the walls. Still no power. I grabbed a weeks worth of clothing and threw away all my food and headed out. I hope that I'm not one of those ppl who will be without power for a month. If so, well then I'll just be living down here in pearland. We are safe. I pray for all those that are not, and all those who cannot get back to their homes. We are lucky considering the other damage. As of righ tnow I'm not sure when Ill be heading back to work. My boss called today and said there is no power in our building and windows had been broken. My cell phone is workin and I have access to email and internet now.

Thanks for the nice messages i've been receiving the last few days. I'll be ok. Life just sucks right now. But we'll get back on our feet.

For those who think itd be fun to experience a hurricane, trust me, it was not and the next time one comes I will be evacuating, period.



Elaine said...

I'm so glad you and Patrick are okay and that nothing of yours was too damaged! Ike is all anyone up here is talking about. I hope everything gets back to normal least you have a place with electricity to stay!

Cindy said...

It doesn't sound like fun, but I'm really glad you guys are safe!! I hope everything gets back to "normal" as quickly as possible!