Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ike Ike go away come again another day.

I thought I would give my blogger friends out there an update about what is going on in case you were starting to think, "Oh Sara, she lives in Houston, isn't that where Ike is heading?" You would be correct. It is currently headed to Freeport. Which is south of Galveston. Freeport is also the place where my sister's in laws have lived for the last 50 years or so. They live directly on the bayou and with the 20 foot storm surge they are expecting to have substantial damage. If you could say a prayer for them today and this weekend that would be great. They of course have evacuated to their apartment in Houston. My older sister and brother in law live in Pearland, TX which is in Brazoria County. However, they are not currently under a mandatory evacuation. But Kate is an ER nurse and right now has to work and bunker down at the hospital for the weekend. Which scares me, because she'll have to work in Clearlake, which is also expecting a storm surge and flooding.

My plans are to currently stay put in my apartment. I have bought bottled water and flashlights, and I have canned foods and some munchies. If it ends up we will be without power for days I will leave and go up to my parents after the storm blows thru and if there isnt too much flooding going on. Im going to fill my bathtub up and fill other sinks with water and bottles with water to take baths and use the toilet when the water goes out.

I'm hoping it won't be as bad as they're prediciting. I cannot turn away from the news. My boss sent us home today and there is no work tomorrow. I'm waiting to hear from patrick about what his law firm is going to do. And then hoping he and I can bunker down in my apartment for the weekend.

i will post more when I know more. Please be praying for this area of Texas as we await a storm that they aren't quite sure how bad it will be or where it will exactly head. As the hours progress the news keeps getting worse. This will be the first hurricane that I have been thru. (I evacuated from Rita and it didn't end up hitting us anyways). I will be ok. If you are worried just give me a call, or text me, or email me.

Loves to all.

Yay: broadway posters from patrick from NYC! he's so sweet :)
Dang: Ike.

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