Thursday, September 11, 2008


Hello Friends and Family. I just wanted to update all of y'all in case y'all were worrying. I will be "hunkered down" at Patricks townhome from now till well its over. If you need to get ahold of me please call or text me or send me an email. I am not evacuating. I will be ok. We have lots of flashlights and non perishables. I think ppl forgot to go to CVS to get food, because there was a lot left, luckily because Patrick is at target right now and he said everything is gone. Wow. I tell you its really weird right now in houston. Normally on a Thursday at 6 pm the highways would be packed, but they aren't. The gas station next to my apartment complex has plastic wrap around all its gas pumps. Closed for business I guess. And the shell across the street has little yellow bags on their pumps. This is for real. This is happening. I pray that it turns at the last minute but the news isn't optimistic about that happening. Tonight I am going down to my sister's in pearland (she ended up not having to evacuate and they are hunkering down as well) and she's making dinnner for some of us and we are gonna have a hurricane party. I really want to see her right now. I'm not going to lie, I'm nervous/scared/anxious. I filled my bathtub and sinks with water. I'm hoping when I get back to my apartment there isn't a tree through the side of it...

Once again - just so y'all know where I am, I will be at patricks townhome from now till whenever. Call me if you are worried. Please just pray for all of us. Most of Houston is staying put.


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