Friday, September 12, 2008

Update Two from Hurricane Central

Hello friends! Its 8:35pm and landfall should take place later tonight. I'm currently sitting in Patrick's living room, watching Pitch Black movie, because I couldn't handle watching the news anymore (which I have been doing all day). James is painting, yes painting, and Patrick is cleaning the room (because he decided if the power goes out it would be hard to get around in there, to which I replied, that's why we have flashlights..:) ). We will probably be awake when it makes landfall, being as how we are nervous, well I am atleast. I'm not entirely sure what to expect. other than the latest forcast has it going thru the west end of Galveston..which means thru downtown Houston...where we're at... So far we still have power (obvi since I'm writing this), just thought I'd let y'all know we are "hunkering down" and "sheltering in" (as seems to be the key phrases) and avoiding "certain death".


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