Sunday, September 7, 2008

This is me a huge fan of the cowboys!

Today begins one of my favorite times of the year, NFL football season, but more importantly, DALLAS COWBOYS football season. I am from Arlington, TX. I grew up cheering for the Cowboys, and loving every minute. My dad is a huge fan and I have some great memories watching the games with him, and he sure does get into them. Luckily I have found a man to date who also shares the same love of the Cowboys that I do, probably more so than I do. Which makes watching the games every Sunday even more fun!! Today I'm going to go watch them with my bro in law and sister, both avid fans, Steve is about the same level as Patrick. Yay for Cowboys football!!

Patrick is off to NYC to begin his law firm job. He will be back on Wed! We had a great date last night. I let him pick everything that we did. He brought me a dozen pink and orange roses (my favorites!) and we went and had dinner at this place called Seoul Garden. It's a korean restaurant outside the loop that he loves! I didn't love it so much the last time we went, but I think it was because I ordered the wrong food, because it was amazing last night. I got korean bbq, beef, and it was the best tasting beef i've had in a while. We had a great time and I even was adventurous in trying a lot of different foods. After dinner we went and saw Pineapple Express. It was hilarious. We had a great night and I was sad to see him go today, but I know he'll have a good three days in NYC!

Well, I suppose I should head down to Angleton.

Much Love.

Yay: The patrick chair.
Dang: birds.

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