Thursday, October 8, 2009

I have a confession to make...

- I hired a cleaning lady to clean my one bedroom apartment. Yes, I know, it's one bedroom. But let's face it, I'm lazy, and didn't inherit the "love to clean" gene.

- In reference to the above, I leave dishes in the sink (gasp) and sometimes leave wet clothes in the washing machine for a day or two, only to re-wash them on day 3 (gasp). I know, its hard for me to admit these things to y'all.

- I don't drink the last inch of liquids in anything. I'm not sure where I learned this or why I do it, but its a subconcious thing (whether its water bottles, coke bottles, beer bottles, you get the point).

- I have been talking myself out of working out for the last week. It's really rather amazing at what kinds of excuses I can make...

- I screen phone calls. I really don't mind talking on the phone, at all.

Whew, now that I have come clean, that feels great!


jae lindsay + aaron said...

WOW. i totally do that with clothes in my washing machine. and the last few sips of a drink are just gross. {how much I enjoy a soda is proportionate to the 'weight' of it in my hands.}

yours alike,

Cindy said...

I would hire someone to clean if I could afford it. I sort of obsess over everything being picked up and put away but the "cleaning" part I'm horrible at! Glad you feel better about your confessions. :)