Thursday, October 8, 2009

Where in the World is Sara...

I just know that is probably most likely what you are thinking. Where has she gone? Has she gotten the role of a lifetime in a movie? Has she been signed a book deal to review chick lit? Is she sitting on a beach somewhere? I'm afraid to report, that unlike any of those exciting things, I have been simply working, hanging out, and living life. There are a few noteworthy things from the past few weeks:

- Went to A-town for 5 days and visited the familia. During that time, my mom and I "lunched", got manis/pedis, shopped, and watched Mad Men season 1. That Friday the boyfriend flew into town (didn't know he could fly, did ya?) and visited my fam for the weekend. On Saturday, the boy, the mom, the dad, and the uncle attended Grapefest in Grapevine. We had a grand ole time sampling wine, shopping (well that's the part my mom and I enjoyed), and people watching. That night, I passed out on the couch while my dad grilled steaks and the boy and uncle watched football. That Sunday we headed back to the Houston. All in all a grand visit!

- Last weekend: the boy and I saw Zombieland. Yes, Zombieland. I am one of those girls that really enjoys "scary" movies (I'm serious). It was an awesome movie! Very witty and entertaining, and really not scary. On Saturday, Alisa and I ran in Race for the Cure. It was mucho crowded (32,000 people - Good job H-town, way to represent) but well worth the pushing and shoving to get to the start line (what can I say, I like to throw elbows). That night the boy and I went to a bbq at my sister's house. Lo and behold all three sisters were present (the youngest one escaping a-town and the sickly parents, drove down to h-town that day, a pleasant surprise). We watched the Aggies lose, and ate some darn good steaks and mashed potatoes (which may have been a bit spicy, but who says 3 tbsps of chipotle powder is too much? Not I!). Sunday was a perfectly lazy Sunday. The boy and I grabbed brunch, then proceeded to watch the Texans win and the Cowboys lose (and I read the last of Dead Until Dark (new post on my book review blog, check it out)).

- This week has been good thus far. Just trudging along till we make it to the weekend and I can go visit the familia once more!

I promise to post sooner (I know I said that after the last post, so you probably don't believe me, which I understand).

Much Love.

Yay: Cool weather FINALLY tomorrow
Dang: Dang office fridge is out of Diet Coke.

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Cindy said...

Call me next time you're in A-town Missy!!!