Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monday Menu Madness (on a Tuesday)

Last week's meals were a success! The Stew was delicious (I'll post recipe later this week), the Rice meal was simple and tasty, and well I didn't make the pork meal.

This week is pretty busy so I'll only be making one meal tonight. And probably eating leftovers/Lean Cuisine/takeout the rest of the week.

So - the whopping ONE meal for this week is...drumroll please...

Mexican Chicken Casserole (from Cooking Light). I'm making it tonight, and using canned salsa and rotisserie chicken (taking the easy road).

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jae lindsay + aaron said...

I Loooove cooking light.
Please keep posting the recipes, I'd love to try out some of these dishes!

Have you tried this one?
(Its a bit summery, but so good)