Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Menu Madness

I promise one of these days I'll post about something that doesn't involve food. I'm just dragging on getting pics uploaded....

This week's menu:

Sunday: Took Subway up to the boyfriend who was at work (yes, on a sunday).

Monday: Parmesan Rice and Chicken (Cooking Light), yes I have made this before, and really only a few weeks ago, but I really liked it and it is easy and this time i'm going to try to use less wine because the last time I made it, while good, tasted really heavy on wine.

Tuesday: Leftover or Sandwiches.

Wednesday: Bistro Beef Stew - Slow Cooker addition (from the slow cooker cookbook Alisa got me for Christmas).

Thursday: Pork Cutlets with marinara and penne pasta (WW recipe).

Last week:

I managed to make everything! Which is the first time, ha.

The Sun Dried Tomato Stuffed Chicken Breasts were delish! I strayed from the recipe a little bit though. For one, I didn't have sun dried tomatos, which I thought I did and so I didn't buy them at the store. After a search through every cupboard, the elusive sun-dried tomatoes did not turn up. So, instead I used a bit of this Sun dried tomato and basil soup mix that I had gotten in Fredericksburg, like not more than 1/2 a teaspoon, and mixed that in with the goat cheese, and it was great! And instead of "stuffing" the chicken breasts, I made roll ups. But overall I was really pleased with the recipe. I served it over brown rice which sopped up the leftover sauce.

The Chicken Tortilla Soup did not disappoint either - although I will add some black beans and some other stuff to give it more substance, but overall nice flavor and SPICY!

The meatloaf was good. It took longer to cook in the oven then the recipe said but it had a good flavor when I took it out after 1.2 hours. Not my favorite ever, but a good healthy option.

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