Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Well I did it, I graduated from the three hardest years of my life last Friday, May 9th. I know this post is a bit delayed but the weekend was pretty crazy and non-stop, but very fun! I can't believe how fast these past three years have gone by. Seems just like yesterday I was a new Houstonian who didn't know where anything was and a new law schooler who it took about 4 hours to read 20 pages for one class. Now I have my Doctorate in Law (Doctor of Jurisprudence). You can call me Dr. Banks, J.D. if need be! And hopefully in November you can call me a Lawyer (when I hopefully pass the bar exam). I had a wonderful weekend. My family came into town on Thursday night. On Friday morning started out the day with a brunch for Mary's 25th birthday, and then headed to UH to graduate. We graduated at 2 pm on Friday. It was a long ceremony with a boring speaker, but well worth it to get hooded (that was the whole ceremony, to put a hood on us). Afterwards had a yummy dinner at the StripHouse (its a steakhouse get your mind out of the gutter ;) ) with my family and got some pretty graduation presents, my mom gave me a basket full of all my favorite snacks to help me study this summer for the bar exam (which will be the HARDEST test i have ever studied for). I will definitely need ALL the snacks! After that we went out with some friends from school and it was really fun to finally relax as not a law student! On saturday went to my friends bbq for her graduation and had some bbq (obviously) and then headed down to Kemah where I met up with my mom/dad/older sister. We stayed at the hotel right on the boardwalk and ate dinner at a yummy restaurant and just hung out. It was a ncie birthday celebration with my family! On Sunday did the Mother's Day thing, and then went to dinner for my graduation with my moot court coach and her husband at Brennan's. My family came, the boyfriend, and also Lauren and Dave. It was a lovely dinner and I felt very honored.

Now i'm back in the swing of things. Bar prep started on Monday and I'm in class every day till Saturday from 9-3:30. THen on Tuesday Bar/Bri starts and thats from 9-12:30 everyday. Yay for a summer of studying. I'll make it, have to.

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