Monday, July 7, 2008

It has begun to kick into high gear.

I know the blogging community is probably tired of reading about me studying, but alas, that is all I do. Luckily I had an entertaining weekend to releave some stress before today (yes, July 7) began. On Friday I went down to Galveston to Mary's beach house to spend some quality time with friends. We hung out mostly inside because it was raining, but it was nice to spend some time away from all our outlines. No worries though, we took a good hour to do some studying while it was raining. That night Patrick and I went to watch fireworks with our friends Evan and Brandi. I love Fireworks!! I'm not sure Patrick quite understands my fascination with seeing them, but I HAVE to see them on the Fourth. Its like a requirement. And they were great! On Saturday we went to Willie Nelsons Family Picnic. I had plans to take some pics, but the stupid security guard wouldn't let me bring my camera in, dumb, especially when they should really be searching for more dangerous things, like knives, guns, etc. I know copyright stuff, but still. How many pics are there of Willie out there? Probably a lot. That was a LONG but fun day. The sun was hot, got stuck in a thunderstorm (luckily Patrick had bought me a purple poncho - it ended up leaking too which he said that he knew Id be more concerned about the color of it than i would the actual protection it provided, ha, he was right) Willie didn't perform till like 9 pm. Patrick and I ate at the buffet inside for an hour to escape the heat, that was a nice change. Right after my 30 minute nap in the lawn chair, slouching so the sun wouldn't burn my shoulders. Merle Haggard was supposed to perform but apparently was sick from the concert the night before. Oh and there was some awesome people watching. I won't describe here, but let's just say saw some middle aged women fight, and a middle aged woman go topless. I could've gone without both.

Now its back to the bar studying. Today started my 3 1/2 week super serious study mode. I have my time partitioned out into specific subjects. Which leaves about 30 minutes for lunch and an hour for dinner. I'm making myself work out in the mornings to relieve stress and make sure i stay in shape from sitting on my butt for 10-12 hours each day. I can't believe the bar is in 3 weeks. Its really crazy that its this close and how not ready I am. On that note, I should get back to studying....DOn't worry I've only had about 3 freak outs in the past week. Apparently imagining the worst possible outcome will do that to you. SO now if i just study all the time I don't have time to have those thoughts. Good idea...

Much love.

Yay: homemade ribs/mac n cheese with the sister and bro in law last night.
Dang: guesss....

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