Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pause Button anyone?

Do you ever wish you could just press pause on things? I wish I could right now. I would like to be able to study for the next 13 days (yes that's it my friends, only 13 more days) without interruptions or having to take care of other things. I want to press pause on everything in my life that takes time to do. (well not showering and eating and sleeping). Not the fun things of course, like seeing my boyfriend (for like a minute a day or when we are both heads down studying which is every night, yea we study together at night, cute, i know), or hanging out with friends, watching SYTYCD, but other things, like paying bills, or deciding whether or not I want to stay in my apartment for another year which i have to decide by July 30, which just happens to be the second day of the bar, oh and i have to decide what new insurance I want since all of my eye, doctor, prescription, dental insurance expires on July 31 (the third day of the bar), or maybe pause on doing dishes, have a little fairy come clean up after me so I dont' have to worry about that too? If anyone can provide me w/ a pause button for the chores in my life right now I would greatly appreciate it! I definitely did start crying on the phone with my dad today (who mind you does NOT handle crying/emotions well at all) when we were just talking about my apartment and health insurance woes. I really wanted to at that point just ask if we could revert back 8 years and he would just take care of it all for me. Oh those were the days. But alas I am an adult and normally a responsible one at that, just not for the next 3 days if it involves anything other than studying for this test..

On that note, there really are only 13, well i guess now 12 1/2 more days of studying. 16 until the bar exam is over. Hard to believe its come this far. I'm on the track to being ready, not ready by any means, but on the right track (hopefully, I guess that will be determined July 29. 30, 31).

All my fellow bar exam sufferers- Good luck studying! We've come this far! Somewhere in our brains all this stuff is going. Not sure where though.

Ok should get back to reviewing wills/estates now.

Much Love.

Yay: taking a movie break tonight after studying.
Dang: duh...

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