Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This is me at a Panera Bread in Houston

Houston FINALLY got a Panera Bread in their downtown. Only took, well forever. And of course, they would open it after I graduated from law school. The closest one I could use was in Pearland, but it was too far away to visit on a normal everyday basis. But if this one had been here I for certain would have visited it a lot to study for law school. But alas. Now I'm using it for its internet use. Because I don't have internet at my apartment. I am moving next week and will hopefully have internet then.
I suppose I owe a little update on what has been going on lately. This past weekend I went up to Arlington with Patrick to visit my parents. It was the first time that Patrick and I hung out with my parents without the other siblings around (not that I don't love being them being there, it just creates a different dynamic). We had a great time! We got there on Thursday night. My mom made dinner and we watched the olympics. It was nice to relax (because I obvi haven't been getting enough lately, ha, its all i do now). On Friday we met my parents at Paris Coffee Shop in downtown Ft. Worth. Its a landmark in Ft. Worth. I have been going there since I could remember. I remember sitting at the counter, eating breakfast with my dad, talking about whether or not Baylor was a good choice, and 7 years later I was back there again (ive been back since then) having finished Baylor and Law school. Crazy how time flies. After lunch we went to the Fort Worth Stockyards to show Patrick around. He had a great time. We bought cowboy hats, had some beers, tasted some wine, and really enjoyed ourselves.

That night we ate dinner in downtown Ft Worth at Mi Cocina. It was yummy! And we went to the Impressionist exhibit at the Kimball. Impressionism is my favorite form of art. The exhibit was wonderful. I recommend it to anyone who loves art, and its half price on Friday nights, even better!

On Saturday we hung around the house mostly, watching Olympics, and went swimming. That night we met up with Elaine and Brian, Brian, and Leslie and Michael at Gloria's in Dallas. We ate dinner and then went to a pub to hang out for a while. It was a really great time. I miss these guys a ton and wish that we lived in the same city so I could see them all the time.

Sunday we went to church and then headed back to Houston after I bought my NEW computer! I love it btw, now if I just had internet...

As I type this I still don't have a job. I have a lead on something that sounds interesting to do, but I'm not going to post it on here in case I jinx myself or it doesn't end up working out, which has tended to be the case and let's face it I don't like getting my hopes up nor being disappointed, so I will post something if something comes from it, how about that?

Other than that, I've been packing up my aparment and going thru things and throwing lots of things out. If you know me well, then you know that I have a lot of stuff. Just stuff. I save a lot of things, such as college notebooks and lawschool note, and various other things. I'm trying to turn over a new leaf in this new phase of my life, getting rid of junk and keeping my apartment less messy. I would love to have people over in my new place, to do that I need to get rid of a lot of stuff. Luckily my new apt will be much bigger and actually have a separate living room and dining room. I'm an "adult" now, whatever that means, and I need to start living like one.

Well I suppose I should call Comcast to set up internet, and get to working on my apt, which means leaving Panera. Soon to become my second home...

much love.

Yay: ex-boyfriends who turn out to be really helpful.

dang: packing.

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Jen Lewis said...

Impressionism is my favoriet too! I have not been to the Kimball yet to see it but it is on my list of things to do. Glad you enjoyed it! I also am addicted to Panera I would go to the one on 290 sometimes or the one on Westheimer. I am praying for your job hunt. I have yet to start mine. Oops...