Saturday, August 30, 2008

This is me with a few updates..

I have had a big change in the past few days, a good change, one I have been waiting for... A JOB!!! That's right my friends. I am now an employed member of society! Thursday I had an interview with a woman who is a solo practitioner who does Family Law. She was looking to hire a new associate to relieve some of the load she has right now and well she hired me! It was a whirlwind two days though. I had the interview at 4 on Thursday, received an offer at 6:30 pm and started work at 9 am the next day! CRAZY! I'm sure glad I have this three day weekend to get my head on straight and prepare for a real live full time job! Also, I need this three day weekend to pack up my apt. I'm moving to a bigger apartment one floor up on Thursday and I am no where near ready. Luckily I hired some movers today to come help me move and patrick and I will finish the rest (like carrying my clothes up there). The cable/internet dude will be out the same day AND my new boss is so flexible and nice that she gave me the entire day off to move! Btw she called me today to tell me about some sales she saw on new furniture, so sweet! I'm sure I am going to learn a lot at this new job and can't wait for it to really begin. I like that I have something to plan for now, and when I went to the grocery store today I had things to buy for, like lunches.

Well time to go get ready for dinner over at my friend Maggie's house. Then its to bed early so I can get a full day of packing in tomorrow! Life is good. Thank you for all the prayers. God truly does open windows.

Much Love.

Yay: JOB!
Dang: packing. its not necessarily my most favorite activitiy. hence the procrastination.


julie said...

Congratulations on the job!!!!

TMichelle01 said...

Congratulations! HORRAY for SARA!