Thursday, November 13, 2008

The fun that is swearing in!

I'm officially sworn in! In Texas, when you pass the bar, one must pay fees and be sworn in before one can legally practice law. Well yesterday I was sworn in! The process involved standing before a judge, holding my right hand up, and repeating an oath to protect the constitution and laws of the united states. I felt very proud and accomplished to be standing there, knowing that all of my hardwork in my life had brought me to this moment. The judge who swore me in was the judge I clerked for after my first year of law school - Judge Hancock of the 113 District Court. My friend Adam also clerked for her and he was sworn in at the same time as myself.

Now, as soon as the State Bar receives my fees/dues/taxes and my membership app. I should be all set to go and will get my big license to hang on my wall from the Supreme Court of Texas!

Other than that, this week has been pretty uneventful.

I'm sad because NBC has decided to cancel Lipstick Jungle. I actually really enjoy that show. Boo. They moved it to the dreaded Friday time slot and it was just downhill from there. What will I do without my weekly dose of Kirby?

I also have a climbing kitty! Callie has discovered her love of climbing EVERYTHING. Nothing is unclimbable to my loveable 5 month old Callie. Her favorite place to climb was this chair in my dining room. After many attempts, she managed to manuever all four legs ontop of that tiny railing at the top. Now her favorite place to climb is onto my dresser with all of my jewelry. Not so much my favorite place for her to climb.

Much Love.

Yay: Flowers from my parents for passing the bar!

Dang: the sleepiness that is 3 pm in the afternoon.

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