Monday, November 24, 2008

The Fun that is small things.

My day was made today b/c I got back from lunch and there was none other than an electric stapler waiting for me in my chair. I've been using just a regular old stapler but my secretary surprised me with my very own electrical one! I am truly excited about this. I love office supplies, just as I loved school supplies. I'm a nerd, you don't have to tell me this. Its the little things in life though, I tell you what.

My weekand was good. Nothing too exciting to report.

Friday: Hung out with some friends at this divey country bar near my apartment. A country band played and lots of two-steppin took place. Patrick and I did a few whirls around the dance floor, my idea, but still lots of fun! We even managed a dip in there. I know people were impressed. ;)

Saturday: Hung around the aparment. Last week was super busy at work so it was nice spending a day doing nothing. Callie and I watched tv and took naps all day long. That night Patrick and I went to dinner at Saltgrass (always takes me back, I worked there for 2 summers and 2 christmases in College) and then saw Quantum of Solace. Now, I'm a big Bond fan. I watched the movies with my dad growing up and have enjoyed them now as an adult. I did like this one, however, there were moments where I might have drifted to sleep, a little...Which shouldn't happen in a Bond movie. I thought there were moments where it could have been more exciting, could have explained more, or could have been more entertaining. Overall I give it 3 stars (out of 5) on the Sara index.

I do have to say, next to Sean, Daniel is my fave Bond. He's smokin', with those blue eyes...

Sunday: Patrick had the day off so we got to hang out all day, and it was awesome! We watched the Cowbotys beat the 49'ers with some of his friends and then went over to his friend's house and hung out, chatted, hot tubbed it, and relaxed. I had a great time and I was glad that Patrick felt a bit relaxed atleast for a day. Bankruptcy is apparently a pretty busy field right now in the legal arena,...duh. I'm still super proud of him for working so hard. Good job babe.

This week is a short week! I'm going home to my parents house on Wed. Turkey day on Thursday, and then hanging out with friends and family the rest of the week. It'll be nice to have a few days off from work/life.

Much love.

yay: my new robe smelled like roses.

dang: paper cuts.

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Elaine said...

At least your boyfriend isn't a vampire who gets bloodthirsty when you get a papercut. Just saying.