Friday, December 5, 2008

The Fun that is Twilight

Yes you read that title right. I'm on the Twilight bandwagon. I was reluctant to join for a while, I never got into the Harry Potter craze. But, I thought what the heck, there are only 4 books in this series, totally doable. I started reading them about a month and a half ago and finished the last book over thanksgiving. I LOVE THEM. Love them. They are easy reads, entertaining, gripping, and who doesn't love a little Edward Cullen. Well, last night Alisa and I went and saw the Twilight movie. OMG I am obsessed. It was so fun to watch the actors they picked to play the different characters and see how they compared to what I imagined, and also the locations and houses and stuff. I know nerdy. But I really enjoyed the movie. I know it hasn't gotten the best reviews, but coming from someone who has read all the books, it was a great adaptation. They didn't change much except for a few minor things here and there. I even recognized lines from the book. I will see this movie again and cannot wait for New Moon!

On another note, nothing exciting to report here. Thanksgiving break was great. Spent a lot time with my family and relaxing. Liz and I did a photo shoot of sorts. I left my memory card in my computer in Houston so these are the only pics I have of the weekend, boo. More will come with Christmas for sure.

This is the face my sister likes to make. She looks cute, I look like i'm about to eat something...

Christmas Card Pic 2008.

Liz and I with the cuz Meggers. She's in 7th grade. I don't envy her.

Us with my amazing Mom!

Last pic of the day! Isn't my sister beautiful!

This week at work has been crazay. Big project due today, luckily it's almost done! The weekend ahead holds some cleaning and spending time with the boy since he's been working more than I have this week and we haven't seen each other. And its super cold here now. Patrick Loves the cold, loves it. I do not share the same enthusiasm, at all. I prefer 70s and sunny.

I know I have been away from the blogger from a while, I apologize. Hopefully posts will be more often. This is my favorite time of the year. I decorated my apartment. Put up a christmas tree. Callie has made it her new favorite toy. She somehow manages to make the limbs on the bottom to rows angle downward and hides her toys in there. I took some pretty cute pics of it, but they're on my camera at home, I'll upload them the next time I post. I love her too much to care that she is destroying my tree. Ah the joy of a kitten.
Much Love.
Yay: Lunch with the boy.
Dang: Messy apartments.

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