Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A long overdue holiday update

I haven't updated in a while, so I thought I would...What's been going on - well working a lot and enjoying the holidays. My apartment is decorated and my tree has been destroyed by my callie cat!
Here is Callie in her, I mean my new Christmas tree -
A few weekends ago Patrick and I ventured to the Mayor's Christmas thing, we stayed for all of like 20 minutes, but atleast it got us in a holiday spirit.
Last weekend our friends hosted a party at their house during Lights in the Heights. Lights in the Heights is like a big block party in the Heights (Houston). The guys who lived at the house had the Salvation Army Harbor Light Choir perform and they were so fun! It was a really enjoyable evening, we also went over to Patrick's friend Jason's house for a little while and it was fun to chit chat with him. We then met up with my sister Kate and bro in law and hung out for a while with them. Busy night, but really fun!
I finished my christmas shopping tonight! I have two more days of work until I get a week off!! This weekend is looking really fun - White Christmas musical on Friday w/ Patrick, Patrick's firms Christmas Party on Saturday and our gift exchange, and Nutcracker/dinner on Sunday with one of my besties Alisa. I can't believe Christmas is next week, crazy.

Much Love.
Yay: Christmas!
Dang: making stupid mistaked at work today.

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