Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kolache Fairy

Dear Kolache Fairy,

(That's what I call the copy service man who delivers Kolaches to us on random days to lure us to his copy business, its a tight market out there for copy services, Lawyers produce a lot of documents). It's always a surprise when you make your random appearances. Take for example today, all I had to eat for breakfast this morning (which I generally eat at my desk because I always run behind in the morning) was a plastic cup of Raisin Bran Crunch (the normal choice) that I bought from Rumi downstairs (Rumi runs the little convenience store in my building, he slips me free things most days - like a biscotti this morning). But lo and behold, you appeared, with the most delicious, buttery kolaches known to man. I'm not sure where you buy these delicious creations, but they taste wonderful in my mouth. So thank you Mr. Kolache Fairy for the tasty treats you randomly bring to my law firm's breakroom. Maybe one of these days I'll send over some documents for you to copy for me!



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