Wednesday, September 22, 2010

California ... Day 2

Sunday! This day was a chill day, and it was much needed after our 12 hour marathon in San Fran.

We started the day off with a wonderful church service at Sarah and Michael's church. Afterwards, we packed up a picnic and went to The Ridge Winery for a lovely picnic. The Ridge is as it name implies, on top of a ridge. It has amazing views of Northern Cali though. This girl is a bit afraid of heights so the drive up was spent with my eyes closed, but I did enjoy the view when we made it to the top. We enjoyed some lovely vino and lunch and walked around the property. Perfect weather that day.

The man, the legend, Andy Bloem.

He loves his Aunt SB

He loves this ball more :)

The view from the picnic table.

The view from the very top.

Wine and Chocolate.

Michael and Candice

Adore them.

Sara/h's (we have the same initials now - SMB)

Love this family.
After the picnic, we headed back to Sarah and Michael's house and hung out the remainder of the day. I took a 3 mile run around their neighborhood, we read, chatted, and just enjoyed each other's company. That night Michael grilled some pork chops, and we of course, drank some more vino. It was a fab day!

Tomorrow - Day 3 Cali with a stop at the Golden Gate Bridge and In-n-Out.

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