Monday, September 27, 2010


This past weekend I travelled to sunny Dallas to visit some college friends! Man, did I have a great time! (I took approximately two photos, which are still on my camera, so bear with me). I'd like to title this vacay - the "Eating" Chronicles because man did we get our eat on.


I rolled into Love Field around 8 pm and was greeted by the ever lovely Ms. Foxy Flores. We travelled the .5 miles to her parents casa and enjoyed a dinner of enchiladas and her Mom's punch. Afterwards, we headed to a wine bar for some, well wine, and then to a new bar called Three Sheats, to meet up with her brother. I enjoyed both places!


Slept till approximately 11 am. (I blame that on the rain and thunder outside). We headed to the greek fest, wherein I gorged myself on Greek food of all type. And were serenaded by a Barbershop Quartet channeling the Temptations. All in all a fun experience.

Afterwards, we headed to Lewisville to see Shell Bell and Dan's new abode. What a loverly house it was!! Congrats y'all!

That night, after vegging for a good hour, and after doing some retail therapy at Northpark, we headed to a Tapas restaurant called Sangria. It was delish. I again, gorged myself there also.

Afterwards we had a night cap at a french bistro around the corner. That was also delish. AND we got the most girnormous souffle of all time, that plus a couple of enthralling slugs, made for an interesting french experience.


We met Shell and Dan at Breadwinners for brunch. I enjoyed it. I read about it a lot on blogs around the interwebs, and even heard a couple discussing it in front of me on the airplane, so I thought why the heck now. It was good. We sat outside, and the weather was a little chilly and reminded me of fall, oh wait, it is supposed to be fall weather. It was fun catching up with Shelley and Dan at brunch.

After that, we watched the first half of the Cowboys (not lose, yay, go cowboys!) and then I headed back to the dirty H. All in all a GREAT weekend. Thank you Elaine and Brian for being wonderful hosts!

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