Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Re-discovered ..and it feels so good...

When I was packing for my move last week, I "re-discovered" all of my dvd collection. Why did I re-discover it, well because I had all my dvds stuffed into the cabinets of my tv stand that I never opened apparently. So, as I packed them into boxes, I realized that I do in fact own a lot of dvds, and good ones at that (although some might argue with me on that). In my new apt, I prouldy displayed all of them on a book shelf next to the tv stand (who would have thought?), and I'm excited to watch them and remind myself that I do in fact own a lot of movies that I can watch at a moments notice. A few of the faves that I re-discovered:

Probably my most favorite Romatic Comedy, they just don't make them like this anymore..
A favorite of mine at Christmas time - I might just pop it in before then though.
I have the first two seasons of this on DVD - yea forgot about that AND I l-o-v-e this show with all my heart.
And who could forget about this classic - never gets old.

I conveniently forgot that I owned the entire series of Sex and the City - an effort to obtain all seasons lasted for a good five years, how could I forget? I look forward to re-watching all of it!

So - as you can see, I have quite a bit of dvds on my hands ( and that is just as sampling) that I forgot about that I'm looking forward to watching again (for the millionth time). That's one thing moves are good for - reminds you what you own..among other things.
happy movie watching!

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