Tuesday, August 31, 2010

All moved in...

Well, Saturday was the BIG move! The movers arrived bright and early at 7:45 a.m. The move was happening whether I was ready or not. Five hours later, I was moved in at my new apartment. It didn't help the process that I lived on the third floor of an aparment building, nor that I was moving to the second floor of a duplex. But the movers got it done. With a slight soy sauce episode (oops - my fault), we got everything put into my new place in one piece.

The boyfriend was a big help that day also, and my sister and brother in law, Erin, and Lauren came over that afternoon for Margarita Moving day. Kate, Erin, and Lauren were a big help in unpacking the kitchen, bedroom, and living room. By the way, did I mention I LOVE my new place? Its so much bigger, with much more storage space, and I finally don't feel like I'm living on top of myself! I made dinner for the boyfriend and I on Sunday night, and it was fab to have such a big kitchen to cook in. (can you tell I'm excited?).

I still have a lot of unpacking and decorating to do. But that will come with time. Trying to find places for all my stuff can be a process. And the bathroom needs some shelving units put in before I unpack that bad boy.

Here's the bedroom, and my new bedspread that I am in l-o-v-e with!

Callie had a few freak out moments along the way, but I think she's settling in nicely to her new abode. Lots of window sills, and its fun to roll around on the hardwood floors. Did anyone else's pets go crazay when they moved to a new place? Or is it just mine?

Callie loves boxes.
So now I begin the decorating and making my apartment feel like home process. That's the fun part, right? Can't wait to host my first get together!

This week - is the week before Labor Day weekend, so its sure to be slow, but can't wait for this weekend!

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