Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I love my name. Don't get me wrong. But it's given me more than a few headaches in my life. Who knew a 4 letter word could do so wrong. My parents obviously picked my name. I'm named after my grandma, whose name was Phyllis. She told my mom to never name a daughter Phyllis, but she loved the name Sara. So, here I am. My parents thought they made life easy for me when they named me Sara. My dad likes to tell the story that he contemplated naming me Sandy, if you know my last name, well then you know why that's funny.

Why, is a name such as Sara, so hard? Because of the other spelling of Sara, the one with the H - you know what I'm talking about..

For as long as I can remember, I have received the following responses (true stories) when I tell someone my name -

"Is that Sara with an H or without?"

"Oh, your name is Sara(h), how do you spell that?" Me: "No H", "Oh, well my aunts second cousin's mom's name has an H on the end...and she's kind of weird, so its a good thing you have no H" or "Oh my boyfriend's mom's sister has no H and she's awesome". Me: "well thanks?"

"So, your name is Saranoh"...? Me: "Sure" ... ten seconds later receive a piece of paper with my name spelled as "Saranoh", go figure.

In any case, I love my name. Like I said. But I'll forever be "Sara - no - H", and well I guess I'm fine with that, because I am named after Phyllis, who I've been told was an amazing person. And, well atleast it gave me an inspiration for a title for my blog..


julie said...

Love this post! Cute story!! I feel like it's the opening page of a great novel about a girl named "Sara - no h"! :)

Tina said...

"ten seconds later receive a piece of paper with my name spelled as "Saranoh", go figure."

HAHAHA That person must have thought he or she was a classic comedian!

Hotcakes said...

lol, nice post...

well at least they just add H on your name... with my name they change a letter.

and it becomes a boy name. sheesh. now my gender is being questioned. lol

The Sages said...

I love it! I'm Sarah with an h and have similar problems : )

d.a.r. said...

Thanks for the blog comment!! Glad to know that people survive until the end of their second year, ha. It is touch and go some days :)

wishful nals said...

i'll never forget, sarah no h! my maiden name is really hard to spell and say and people can never get it right. it really defines who you are, i think! atleast, i was so very attached (still am) to my maiden name. xo!