Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Liz is a Red Raider Grad

A few weeks ago I travelled to the land of dry heat and flat lands - a.k.a. Lubbock, Texas. My little sister Liz was graduating from Texas Tech University, Sic em! The weekend was full of celebrating Liz and her accomplishment.

The graduate!
Friday night I flew from the humidity to the dryness, and headed to our 4 star accomodations at the La Quinta Inn. Holler. I lucked out and had my very own room for my weekend jaunt. The only pain in the rear was that the toilet didn't work. Yea. That's awesome. After refreshing myself and calming the static from my hair, we headed to dinner at Ruby Tequilas. I have so-so feelings about this restaurant because when I ate at it in the dirty-H I got fish tacos which were more like quesadillas with a garnish of tilapia. Anyways, I was hoping my faith in the RT would be renewed, if the ginormous sangria-rita drink didn't do it, then surely the fried avocados would. I left feeling pretty satisfied.
Dad and I at RT

Liz and her bf Josh at RT

My parents room became party central for the weekend because they upgraded and got a love seat in their room, luckies. So we partied in their room to the wee hours of the morning, okay okay, till midnight, I'm old, what can I say?

The next morning, we wanted to treat ourselves to the free breakfast at the LQ, but were severely disappointed when we realized that the line for the waffle makers was about 100 people deep. Alas, we mosied on over to the Cracker Barrel for some delicious pre-cooked breakfast.

That afternoon was Lizzie's graduation. The good thing about an August graduation is that it only last 1 1/2 hours. The bad thing - it was freakin hot. I was so very excited to see my little sister walk across the stage and graduate. It brought a tear to me eye. She's been through so much and I'm so proud of her for getting to that day.

The family (minus the oldest sister)

That night we had dinner at Las Brisas, one fine steak establishment in Lubbock. After lots of wine, steak, and desserts - in which I burned the crap out of my mouth, who knew caramel off a sizzling plate would burn your mouth, we headed back to our hotel for another party in the parents room - this time involving champagne, mmmm.

At dinner

The next day, we finally got to enjoy the LQ waffle maker. It did not disappoint. My sis and her bf whisked me away to the Lubbock airport and I flew back to the humidity, where atleast my hair isn't an electric current.

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