Monday, August 23, 2010

Lover of Treadmills

It's Houston. It's hot. Its humid. Basically its a sauna. And, unless you get up at the butt crack of dawn to do your runs, its pretty miserable (heck its still miserable at the b.c.d., but a little more bearable then at 6 pm). So, if I miss my early morning Saturday long runs with the running group I'm in...which has happened more often than not this summer...I do my "long" runs on a treadmill. The farthest I've run on the 'ole treadmill is 6 miles at 24 hour fitness. Their machines only "allow" you to run for 60 minutes (it's a courtesy thing apparently for the millions of other gym goers wanting to use the machine). But, give me a little break, I was there on a random Saturday afternoon, and there were like 5 million treadmills open all around me, so I took my time. And, I actually didn't mind running the 6 miles on the ole tmill (let's see how many nicknames I can give it before this post is over, I'm at 2 so far..). I had a t.v. and plenty of water, and I wasn't pouring sweat into my eyeballs, my contacts appreciated it. I ran 7 miles two weekends ago with the running group, and it was nice running outside, actually going somewhere. But, alas, I missed by running group this past Saturday because I was lounging on a floaty in Lake Travis. So, tonight my friends, I will be attempting to run my first ever EIGHT miles on a mill. In my boyfriend's living room (he conveniently owns a t-m, which helps with "the whole don't use the gym equipment for longer the thirty minutes when there is a wait" problem). I plan to put on the Bachelor Pad and plant myself on the tm for 88 minutes (or however long it takes to run the 8 miles). Wish me luck!

Coming up - "Oh crap - i'm moving in 4 days and have half my apartment to pack still"

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