Thursday, August 26, 2010

The fun that awaits

I'm in the midst of moving - which if you read my earlier post, I hate moving, well packing. The packing, however, is managing to come along, and I've managed to do a little each night so it was seem as daunting on Friday night with the last minute things (like the big pile of clothes in my bedroom).

In order to get through this "fun" period, I've planned actual fun things for the month of september/october to look forward to. Here are the actual fun things I have coming up:

1. Trip to San Francisco/Palo Alto to visit a college roomie - Sarah - who just had a baby in May, and Candice, one of the my other lovely college roomies, will be joining us also. I've never been to that part of the world, nor have I seen Sarah in like three years, nor have I met her new baby boy, nor have Sarah, Candice, and I been together in the same place in three years, so I'm pretty pumped.

The last time we were all together, we will miss Heidi that weekend!
2. Trip to Dallas to visit some more college friends. Most of my college friends moved to Dallas after college. A select few reside here in Houston, and I have the pleasure of seeing most of them on a monthly basis (Mel, we need to work on that...). But, the Dallas friends, I haven't seen in a while. Because most of the time when I got to the Dallas area its to visit my family. Well, I planned a special trip up to Dallas to see them! Can't wait.
I love this photo, I'm not sure Elaine does since she de-tagged herself in it on facebook...tsk tsk

Elaine and I at Baylor Homecoming 2008

This is Brian. The first guy friend I had at the ole BU
(he's an eligible bachelor Ladies, shoot me an email if you want his digits ;) )

3. Trip to Fredericksburg to drink wine and do girly things. (the boyfriend will be gone for over a week coming up - he's going hunting in Canada, long way away, so I planned girly things for while he is away).

Fredericksburg will no doubt be fun with these girls.
I cannot wait for the above three activities! Now, just gotta get myself moved in to my new place, and I'll be set!

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