Thursday, August 12, 2010

Overdramatic, that's me.

I can be overdramatic. But this time I'm really trying not to be. And, part of me thinks that I'm not. But that part gets kind of clouded by the part that is being over dramatic. What exactly am I blabbering on about? My finger. As you read in a post a few posts ago, a week ago last monday, I almost sliced the tip of my pinky finger clean off. It takes talent. Well, I didn't go to the ER. Maybe I should have. But I have my ex-ER nurse sister who took care of it.

Where does the being over-dramatic part come in? Oh it still stinkin hurts. And I'm not sure if I was being over-dramatic this morning when I couldn't bend the finger, so I called my internist this morning, and spoke with the nurse. She informed me that my own doctor had just done the same thing a month back and it took THREE weeks for it to feel normal again. Which, I guess is confirmation in and of itself that I'm not being over dramatic. Did I mention that I can't bend my finger at the top joint? Yea apparently that's what happens if you don't bend your joints for a week, they lock up. Who knew? Did I mention that my finger is swollen too? Yea, because it is. Apparently fluid accumulates in the other tissue when it can't accumulate in the ... well other tissue. Who knew? Not me...they don't teach you about fluid accumulation in law school.

So, in case you were thinking to yourself today - hm, I wonder how Sara's finger is? Well its about the same as it was last week. The only thing that's changed is that I'm pretty sure I will have a numb pinky finger tip for the rest of my life, (if things continue to feel the way they felt this morning) and I think I successfully didn't cut the skin off too much, so that its re-attaching itself, which is a nice thought.

I can tell you one thing though - I'm getting pretty tired of holding my pink up in the air as if I was sipping tea 24 hours a day. I'm giving people the wrong impression that I do have manners.

Excuse the blurriness - taken on the 'ole iPhone 3GS (sooo outdated, I know).

So, am I being overdramatic? The question remains...

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d.a.r. said...

Ouch. I sliced off a huge chunk of my finger using my mandolin slicer last year and probably whined about it for a good two weeks.

Hope you heal quickly!