Monday, August 2, 2010

Pack em up, move em out.

I. hate. moving. But I am. Why? Because 700 more square feet appear bright in my distant future. Its not that I hate moving, insomuch as I hate packing, and unpacking. And its hard to move, without doing either of those. I guess I could move without packing, but I'd miss my things I think. I'm also what one may call a "procastinator". Gasps heard around I know. Its a fact that I've been spending most of my life trying to curb and fight, but without much success. I'm especially good at procrastinating when its something I loathe doing, like packing. And, in the 20 year school period of my life, I found I always had my best ideas a late night during a cram session, despite having two weeks on the project.

When I made the decision to move back in June, I decided that this time, this time I would not procrastinate with the packing thing. I looked my boyfriend in the eyes and said, babe, I will not wait till the last minute to pack all my crap up. I layed out a two month "plan" of attack on the Sara Fortress. July would be sort and throw away month, while August would be serious packing month. So that by the time the last week of August rolled around, I would be lounging in my packed apartment, eating bon-bons. It hasn't exactly played out that way, because, well there was just too much fun going on in July to spend sorting and throwing away.  Thus far, I have devoted a meager 5 hours to the process of moving. And unfortunately, while today is only August 2nd, the end of August seems to be quickly approaching (atleast in my head). And I still keep coming up with reasons not to pack. And well, I guess the only good accomplishments that I've made are 1) i've bought boxes and 2) half of my bedroom is sorted and packed. How's that for not procrastinating? Do not dismay my friends, I still plan on getting the packing done so that I can be lounging and eating bon-bons the last week of August.

Proof that I have in fact packed some boxes (that's my Callie leering at the birds outside the window)
I will have the packing done. Do not doubt me on that. What I can't promise is that the unpacking portion will get done in a timely manner...that's a whole other topic.

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Kai Elan said...

I stumbled upon your blog on the 20something community. I dislike packing too! If you hire movers, it is not that bad to do the moving party. However, packing is the worst and the combination of being a procrasinator doesn't help either.
Hope you are all unpacked now! Ewww.