Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I pulled a Julia Child

Last night, I made my first Julia Child recipe soup ever. It was easy and I have to say very tasty - I made the potato and onion soup (I know there is probably a catchier french word for it), its the first recipe of the book, I strive for difficulty, what can I say.

But that's not what this post is about - this post is about my finger. My pinky to be exact. Have you seen Julie and Julia (the movie, not the people)? If you have - you know in the movie where they show an SNL clip of Dan Akroyd (you may have actually seen this clip other than in the J/J movie) - well that was me, last night. Except there wasn't quite as much blood flow, although there was a lot. I sliced the tip of my left pinky finger almost clear off the tip of my left pinky finger. Ouch. I was doing what any good cook would do - cutting a baguette with a sharp knife over the sink with my hand on the other side, and what do you know, my finger got up in the mess. It wanted to be a part of the slicing I suppose. Knife lessons anyone? In any case, after a frantic phone call to my sister (the ER nurse) and my mom (the retired gyno nurse), I wrapped the pinky in a bandage, bag of ice, and towel, and sat with my hand above my head for the rest of the night. The pinky was throbbing, and still is, as I type this (its difficult to type with no pinky I tell ya what). No worries though, I'm alive and survived the pinky slaughter of 2010. Next time I'll move my finger out of the way.

Here's a pic of the finger in the splint:

And ... here's a pic of the finger the morning after the slaughter of 2010 (its gross so don't look if you vomit at the sight of blood):

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Melissa said...

Glad that your finger is doing okay. I am still leery of chopping onions after my experience with getting stitches over a year and a half ago!