Friday, September 24, 2010

Random Friday Thoughts...

Lots of things running through my head today, here's a little taste:

  1. I'll be exhibiting single-dom behavior for the next week or so (not that kind of single behavior, get your mind out of the gutter). Patrick left for a 10 day hunting trip to Northeastern Canada (in the Quebec Region), close to Newfoundland. He's hunting carabou (I just tell myself that he's not killing anything, I can't watch Bambi without getting sad, I surely will not be able to think of the boyfriend killing a poor animal) with his dad and brother. There will be about 8 days in there sans communication with each other. Apparently calling your girlfriend on the ONE satellite phone in the camp is frowned upon.

2. I used to look badly upon people who worked out in tank tops. I thought it was some sort of fashion statement/attempt to look cute while running. That's until I started running and realized that those are God's gift to runners. Running 10 miles in a sweaty t-shirt = chaffing of gigantic proportion. Running in tank top with dry fit technology = no chaffing. You'll find me running in such a tank top until it starts acting like fall outside.

3. On the topic of running - I am now less than two months away from my first Half Marathon! This past Saturday I ran 10 miles! Who knew I'd ever be able to do that. I certainly didn't think I would. Persistence and training my friends. I fell off the running wagon this week though, as I haven't run once. I blame it on my busy work schedule. I'll pick back up with it after this weekend.

4. I'm coaching Moot Court again! For those new to my blog, moot court is the activity I was mega involved in during law school. Think debate, but lawyerly. I'm one of those people who just can't move on from it. I enjoyed it, and I coached last year for the first time, and really really enjoyed that. So, after weeks of pestering the moot court coordinator, I got the "go" to coach again! I'll be coaching the same competitions I did last year, one is in Chicago, the other is in NYC. Hopefully I'll get to travel for both, work permitting.

My Chicago Team from Last Year, loved them (semifinalists)!

My Pace team from laster year, love them too (Finalists!)
5. I bought two new cds this week, and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed. Numero Uno - Maroon 5. I love M5. Period. I've loved every album since I started listening to them Sophomore year of college. Numero dos - Zac Brown Band. I bought their last album, and I'm thinking I will prolly love this one just as much. Very happy with my purchases.

6. Dallas. Most of my college friends live in Dallas. I'm heading there this weekend to visit Elaine, Shelley, Kristen, and Brian. And, anyone else I happen to see while I'm there. I'm super excited, and can't wait!

That is all.

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