Friday, April 11, 2008


About 15 years ago my Mom was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This diagnosis impacted her dreams of nursing and raising a family at the same time. While she chose to raise a family rather than be a nurse, she did this in order to save her life. My mom is an amazing person, kind-hearted, courageous (raised 3 siblings after her parents passed away at a young age), encouraging, supportive, hilarious, intelligent, the best cook i know, caring, compassionate, loving, generouse, and well there just aren't enough words to describe her. She is my hero, the person I hope to be some day. Her strength through this disease inspires me. She has overcome so many obstacles in her life, and I can only hope to be as strong as her.

What does this bring me to - well this weekend in the MS150, a 150 mile bike ride from Houston to Austin. The purpose of this ride is to raise money for MS research. There is no cure yet for this disease, and hopefully with continual research and funding there will be one one day. This past fall I decided to do this race instead of watching others do it. I'm doing this 150 mile bike ride for my mom, so that maybe one day she can see what its like to live without MS. The ride begins tomorrow morning at 6:30 am and will finish Sunday afternoon in downtown Austin. I can't wait.

Much Love.

Yay: One month till graduation!
Dang: Looming seminar paper needs to be finished.

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