Saturday, April 19, 2008

This is me after completing 150 mile bike ride to Austin.

Well friends, I did it. I know this post comes a week late but its been a super busy past week what with finals and the end of school looming. But yes I did it. I rode my bike, the Giant, as I like to call it, from here (well Katy) to Austin, TX, the middle of austin, right in front of the capital! It was a challenging two days to say the least. We started out very early on Saturday morning, and by very early I mean the sun hadn't come out yet. It was a brisk and chilly morning.

This is a picture of the team I was on - called Spazmatics, the morning we left. Its not a fair depiction of quite how early it was b/c the sun is coming up now, but just take my word for it. So after a prayer, we headed out to the great blue yonder... Well really just down the road.

The wind that day was especially bad, with a head wind and cross wind, alternating. The ride started off well. We had some rest stops before lunch and then stopped for lunch in Bellville. It was before bellville that things got tough. There are apparently a lot of hills before Bellville. But we survived them! We made it to lunch and ate a nicely provided brown bag lunch, included in it were potatoes and pasta with butter (one of my faves). The ride to lunch was approximately 40 miles.

(that's me in the front rolling into a stop at the end of the first day)

Next, we headed out to Industry, TX, where we would veer off to head to our rest stop for the night. Again with lots of hills and a strong head wind, we made it to our rest stop. We stayed with out team at a farm house inbetween la grange and industry. We had time to take showers, and rest, and eat burgers. Trust me I think I ate the total 6,000 calories I burned that day... We all went to bed as soon as the sun went down, around 8:30 pm and got a good eight hours of sleep.

The next morning we headed out at 6 am. We made it to la grange around 7 am and rolled out around 7:45 from there. THis time getting back on the bike was harder, one b/c I didn't realize quite how much my butt hurt, but luckily after a while it went numb. From there we road about 33 miles to lunch in Bastrop. From Bastrop we rode another 35 miles to Austin. The hills in this time were a little more sporatic until we got ot Austin and there they were just atrocious. The wind had returned and it was a constant battle between the wind and Sara. But at about 4 pm we rolled into Austin, and aroudn 5, after waiting for the remaining team members to show, we crossed the finish line as a team! That made it all worth it. As I crossed the finish line I saw to my left my mom, dad, and Patrick. We pulled over to the curb and they came and found me and my mom and I just hugged and cried and she thanked me for doing this for her. It was a great moment and one I am sure to never forget!

(alisa and I at a rest stop)

I was exhausted after the race and it took every ounce of energy in me to just walk around. My wonderful boyfriend carried everything I had rbought with me, including my bike. We went to Outback for a nice calorie and protein ridden dinner, and I felt more functional after that. Patrick and I headed back to Houston after saying goodbye to my parents. About half way through the trip I passed out in the passenger seat next to him for the rest of the way home.

(My team in Austin)

This bike ride was one of the most rewarding things I have ever done in my life. I can't explain the feeling. I am going to do it again next year and God-willing continue to do it until I"m old and gray.

That's my story :)

As for the rest of my life -- my 40 page seminar paper is due on Tuesday. WHich is my entire grade for that class. I have the entire thing written as of now, I"m just going back and changing most of the third section because I don't like it at all. Then I will edit it and make sure it flows, add transitions, conclusions, and last but not least do all the "bluebooking" (which for those non lawschoolers, means citations, and they have to be in the proper "bluebook" form). Which basically means this entire weekend during the day will be spent on this paper, and did i mention its BEAUTIFUL outside??

Last night Patrick and I celebrated our 6 month anniversary with a nice dinner at Benjy's in Houston. It was very tasty. Then we watched The Mist at his apartment and just hung out. It was a very romantic and wonderful evening and just reminded be of how blessed I am to be with such an amazing guy!

My last full week of classes is next week!! And I'm pretty sure he's only making us come on Monday. Which means I am officially DONE with law school classes and well classes in general for the rest of my life on MONDAY! Craziness. My final isn't until May 5 - Cinco de Sara - so I have quite a while after i turn this paper in to focus on it. In other words, i'm not as stressed out as normal semesters...

Well I guess I should get back to this paper --

Much love.

Yay: to the end of Law school...

Dang: finishing this paper and not getting to enjoy the lovely spring

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ruth.kern said...

I'm so proud and amazed for you. And glad I found your blog.