Tuesday, April 8, 2008

This is me after a GREAT weekend.

In the Limo on the way to Caesar's Palace
About to head to KA (cirque du soleil show)
Before dinner at Bradley Ogden.
Waiting for a table at Tao in the Venetian.

Well I am no longer a Vegas Virgin as my friends would put it. I had a great weekend celebrating graduation from law school! Above is a little run down of what we did in pics. We had a great time, and I somehow managed to win, oh about $4400. Yea. high roller I am. ha. Just means now i can pay off a bunch of debt looming over my head. YAY! It is exciting!
Thats about all that's going on - i'm doing the MS150 this weekend! From Houston to Austin two days. Can't wait. probably will be the next post I make after I get back from what will be the biggest physical accomplishment I've done in my life!! OH and Tomorrow will be an exact month before I graduate from Law SchooL!! WOOOOWOW!
Much love.
Yay: MS150.
Dang: Looming paper.

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Jen & Ryan said...

I can't believe you won that much money! That's insane! Maybe I should go! :) Good luck with the race! I'll be thinking of you!