Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Yes, that is in fact a reference to my junior high crush - Hanson. Its been 14 years since the releas of that single, and 13 years since the release of their first album "Middle of Nowhere." Tonight I am going to see Hanson for the first time live.

Two friends asked if I wanted to see Hanson. Jen sent out an email regarding the concert a while back and the "L" of SnL asked me a month ago if I wanted to see Hanson with her and two other girls at the House of Blues. My junior high self couldn't say no. Who cares that I haven't listened to them in 10 years. I owned Middle of Nowhere back in the day (no telling where that cd is now) and I hopefully will be able to recall some of their songs. Did you know that Hanson has released NINE albums? I didn't. And that the most recent album - Shout it Out was released this year? I hope tonight they play some oldies. Did you know that all three Hanson brothers are married? With kids? Yea, even that little one in the below pic. Crazy.


Present day

I have to say, they grew up nicely.

In any case, 13 year old Sara will be rockin out tonight to Mmm bop. Judge me if you will, but don't lie and say you didn't love that song back in the day also.