Monday, November 1, 2010


One of my besties asked me if I was going to do NaBloPloMo this month... i've never done it because its hard for me to post everyday. But, I decided today that I'll atleast try. November has lots coming up in it, so the blog posts should hopefully be a little interesting... i can't promise there won't be a few boring ones thrown in there also. Because, let's face it, my everday life just isn't all that interesting.

But, for my first Blog Post of November, a little recap of the Halloween Weekend:

This weekend, Patrick and I threw a Halloween party at his new place to 1) celebrate Halloween, 2) dress up in costumes, and 3) show off his new house! It was a success! My camera unfortunately died about 10 minutes into the party, so the pics below are a result of 1. my iphone camera or 2. friends camera.

Patrick went as Kenny Powers from Eastbound and Down, and I went as his WT ex-girlfriend. Party. The one pic of us is on my dead camera. Sorry about that.

 The above pic isn't from Halloween, its from watching the Rangers play in the first game of the World Series (in Houston in Patrick's living room).

And this is Callie, she LOVES that window sill. This was taken outside of my apartment. (which I still need to post pics of on here, I love that too).

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