Sunday, May 16, 2010

27th Birthday Festivities

I celebrated the 27th year of my life a few weeks ago. And it was a-mazing! I had the best birthday week that a 27 year old girl could want. Here's a rundown -

The fun began on Saturday night with Karaoke madness at Spotlight Karaoke. I can safely say that we rocked the mic singing "Stay" by Lisa Loeb and "I like Big Butts". If you didn't know that I am a world class karaoke singer, then you just don't know me.

Backstreets Back, alright!

We rocked some awesome tunes.

They have my heart.

Law escuela amigas

I heart them.

The BEST boyfriend a girl could ask for!

That night was so much fun, and I had some amazing friends come out to help me ring in my 27th birthday!

Actual Birthday:

On my actual birthday, Cinco de Sara, I once again had an a-mazing day!

I went to work of course that morning. It was pretty low key because all the partners were out of the office that week. I received some beautiful flowers from my parents:

And, then I received some more beautiful flowers from my boyfriend:

I went to lunch with my sister, Katie, and with a bestie of mine, Alisa. We went to The Daily Review, and it was delicious. We sat outside and enjoyed yummy food and very nice weather!

That night, Patrick took me to dinner at a local hot spot called Backstreet Cafe. We sat outside on the patio, and the food, once again, was delicious.

Me at dinner at Backstreet cafe

Happy Birthday Cake, it was delish.

After dinner, we went to see Date Night, which was just okay. Didn't love it, didn't hate it.


That weekend, I went to A-town to see the family to celebrate my birthday, again, and to celebrate Mom's day. That weekend was really really fun! Friday night, we had third row tix to the Rangers game. They were the best seats I've ever sat in at the Rangers game. We were right above the dug out on the first base side,and for once the players all looked life size.

On Saturday, my dad and I went to "Frontier Day" at the Stockyards in FtW. It was weird to see all these people seriously dedicated to this time period. Then we went to see the Andy Warhol exhibit at the Modern Art Museum. That was really cool. He was a strange man. That night, my parents took me to dinner at Tillman's Roadhouse in F-dub. It was probably the best food I have ever eaten! I'm not kidding.

All in all, I had an amazing birthday. My boyfriend spoiled the crap out of me, as well did my parents and my friends. I am truly blessed with amazing people in my life. Thank you to all.

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