Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I'm having a couple of difficulties this week...

Difficulty #1:

How to fit everything I want to take to Mexico in ONE carry-on...

I have a confession to make, I am an ... overpacker. It's true. I take too many clothes with me on vacations. I justify it most of the time because you never really know what you'll need till you get there, and who wants to be forced to wear a pair of shorts and tank when you could have rocked the cute sun dress? Its about choices, really. And probably, a result of last minute packing, but that's neither here nor there.

Well, we have decided we are going to "carry-on" our luggage for our trip to Mexico this weekend. Initially I thought it was to avoid the extra baggage fee, but there isn't one on trips to Mexico. Its apparently for the ease of getting on and off of the aircraft and to our destination in the quickest way possible (which I am happy about because the baggage claim in Mexico tends to take a while). So, I purchsed myself a brand new carry on bag. And its...small. Yikes. It's 21 inches tall, and well not that wide. The other night, I stood in my bedroom and stared at my small suitcase, and faced the impending dilemma of how in the crap am I going to fit everything into that small bag. That's the difficulty. So, this will now force me to "plan" what I am going to take, and try to consolidate the necessities from the "options". How I am going to do that, I have no idea. But one way or another, me and my carry on will make it Mexico...I hope.

Difficulty #2:


I leave for relaxation, fruity drinks, lounging, laughs, and fun in two days. And while I do have a palm tree outside my office window, it's not the same.

It probably doesn't help that I perused the Resort photos over my lunch break either.

But, in any case. I can't focus. I have deadlines and projects and I can't think past what drink I'll have when I first get there, and which swimsuit I want to wear first. Oh dear, Friday better hurry up and get here.

Not the same.

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