Sunday, May 2, 2010

A hatred for balloons.

Unbeknowst to me, my cat, Callie, is horribly afraid of balloons. I did not realize this fear until this morning. I noticed she was avidly avoiding my living room. She was hiding under the bed, crouching near the door way, and not being her usually friendly self. So, I picked her up, which normally does not bother her, and carried her into the living room - begin freak out. She jumped off of me (which felt awesome) and ran to the window sill across the room and began making these deep meow noises that I didn't know that cats could make. Then the shaking started. The whole time she was staring at this busshel of Happy Birthday balloons that were hanging from a chair in my dining room (my dining room is a part of my living room - the joy of living in a 750 sq ft one bedroom apt). I removed the balloons and it took her approximately three hours to stop shaking and for her poofy tail to shrink back to its regular size. Needless to say, my happy birthday balloons are now residing in my closet. And my cat is now back to her normal happy self.. Who knew.

My birthday is on Wednesday. I had a fabulous friend birthday celebration last night that included margarits, shots, and a karaoke bar. I will do a birthday celebration post later this week.

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