Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The 27th Celebration of Cinco de Sara

I turned 27 today at 6:35 a.m. I didn't wake up for that moment but I reflected on it at 7:30 when I did wake up. I think 27 is a good age. I'm not a fan of the "odd" number birthdays but I think this will be a good year. It's hard for me to imagine that I was 17 ten years ago. Most days I still feel 17. In honor of this, my 27th year of life, here is a recap of my 26th year of life in hopefully the least boring way possible (and yes I am consulting my planner to remember - my paper planner that I still use everyday, I like the writing down of things rather than the typing in of things into an iPhone - its cathartic):
  • Ran an entire 5k for the first time without stopping.
  • Ran 8 miles (on a 5/1 interval).
  • Went back to blonde.
  • Maintained the same job at the law firm.
  • Went on vacay to Mexico with the boyfriend in July.
  • Went to several fun concerts.
  • Was lead attorney in my first bench trial before a federal court judge.
  • Won my first trial in front of a federal court judge.
  • Took my first deposition.
  • Travelled to NYC on business for the first time!
  • Celebrated my two year anniversary with the boyfriend in San Antonio.
  • Hired a maid (this is momentous because I finally gave into the hatred of cleaning, I can afford it, so why not, even if I only live in a one bedroom).
I'm sure there is much more that I did in my 26th year of life, but that list will have to do for now!

I arrived at work today to find a bouquet of flowers from my wonderful parents (picture above - ignore the messy desk, I'm in the midst of drafting a 25 page response to a motion - its intense), a cake from the law firm, and a balloon that sings from my legal assistant. I'll recap tomorrow about all the wonderful things I did today on my 27th celebration of Cinco de Sara.

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Love the new look of the blog! xoxo