Thursday, March 26, 2009

"A Book Is Good Company"

Well my fellow bloggers, I did it, I got a second blog. Following Elaines lead (can someone explain to me how to link to a website using one word and not the actual link?) I set up a blog to review the books I am reading. I'm an avid reader, so much so, that I did not let the 100+ pages a night in law school deter me from continuing to read for fun. I have decided to share with the blog world the books I am reading and my thoughts on them. Here's the link to my new blog - . Ill update it whenever I finish a book and let you know my candid thoughts about the book! (nerdy - yes, fun - always).


jen + ryan said...

the way you post links is: when you're writing a post in the compose mode, decide which word you want to be the link then highlight it and click on the green glob/chain looking icon next to the text color icon and enter the url. it's pretty easy :)

jen + ryan said...

globe, not glob. :)