Friday, March 27, 2009

Mad Marchness

That's the name of the pool I am in for March Madness. This is the first year that I have participated in this time honored tradition that sucks up many a moment in the month of March. (say that ten times fast). Now, I like sports. But I don't follow ALL of the teams. I follow my teams - Baylor, Dallas Cowboys, Mavs, Rangers, Astros and occasionally Wake Forest (family legacy). Therefore, when I went to pick out my bracket, I had. No. Clue. None. I did my best guestimations. I am currently in 5th place after Memphis lost, and Duke lost. Come on guys. My sister, Liz, is in 1st place. Not sure how that happened, she must be better at guessing, or her bf helped. I have picked Louisville to take it all. On no other fact that they are ranked 1 and I heard they are good. Fingers crossed they pull it out. I could use the extra dinero, and more importantly the bragging rights...

On another note - Sic Em Bears! Thanks Jen McCrady for showing me that (it is super easy and I feel slightly stupid for not knowing how to do that, ah well). The Bears are doing an awesome job in their current tournies - Men going to NYC for the final four for the NIT and the Lady Bears in the sweet 16! Who says Baylor sucks at sports - yea eat your words now! Sic Em!

On the plate for the weekend:
- Jen Wu Floyds Birthday party tonight.
- Patrick's MRI on Saturday (bad car wreck, poor boy :()
- Shopping
- Alisa's Birthday Party fun on saturday night!
- Hopefully see Lauren on Sunday
- Moot Court Alum Mixer on Sunday
Busy Weekend!

Much Love.

Yay: Finally not feeling sleepy.
Dang: Ear ache.

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