Friday, March 20, 2009

"Laws too gentle are seldom obeyed; too severe, seldom executed." - Ben Franklin

Week in a recap:

Monday: Caught up on some of my tv shows. Particularly:

Tuesday: Made Patrick and I dinner and watched:

This is Patrick and I's weekly tuesday tradition - he comes over from work at about 9, I save him whatever dinner I cooked, he eats, and we watch the biggest loser. We both enjoy the show!

Wednesday: Rodeo! This year I didn't go to as many rodeo shows that I normally do. I had the opportunity to go see Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, and Taylor Swift, but things arose that prevented those three. I was glad when Laura invited me to go see Gary Alen on Wed! She, Jen, and I went to eat at Pei Wei, and then caught most of the rodeo action - which I love and secretly wonder what life would be like as a cow girl livin on the rode doing the rodeo circuit. Gary Allen did a great job performing, although he comes across outwardly as an alternative rocker. Had a great time and wish I could have seen more performances.

Thursday: Kayla's Bday dinner/drinks. We all met up at this outdoor bar last night for Kayla's bday and to see Hunter as he is newly returned from a year in Iraq.

On the Plate:

Tonight i'm going bowling with Kate, Steve, Patrick and some other friends. Should be a good time. I did take bowling at baylor, doesn't mean I am any good.

Saturday - lots of errands, then hanging out with friends.

Not a lot planned this weekend which is sometimes how I like it!

Much love.

Yay: Sunshine.

Dang: Sleeping through my trainer session this morning, oops.

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