Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weekend in Boerne

Well, I realized I have way too much to update on that well I'm just going to start fresh.

Last week my mom came into town to visit for the week. We had such a great time! On Tuesday night I met her and my sister/bro inlaw for dinner at my mom's fave Pearland establishment Las Rosas. On Wed. i took a half day and went shopping at the outlets with my mom and sis. We spent a good part of the afternoon shopping! That night we had dinner at my mom's favorite houston thai restaurant, Thai Pepper, and then I had them over for yummy dessert and champagne afterwards. Thursday my mom and kate met me for lunch downtown and that night we I wasn't feeling hot and had to stay at work late, so I ended up just eating dinner w/ them at Kate's house. I had a great time and I miss her so much!

This past weekend Patrick and I went to Boerne. Did I mention Boerne is one of my most favorite places in the world. It's so pretty and relaxing. That night we had dinner and just hung out inside (it was fuh-reezing outdoors). His brother Travis and his wife Kara and their 4 kids were in Boerne as well. The next day the girls went shopping and the boys did their thing, whatever that is. That night we watched two movies (Australia and Cold Mountain). I enjoyed both since I hadn't seen either, no one else really did other than Patrick's dad who picked the movies. Sunday we lazed around then headed back that afternoon to Houston. too bad the weather wasn't nicer b/c I could have used a day at the pool.

This week is pretty busy at work, but should make the weekend come sooner (even though i have nothing major planned this weekend, which isn't a bad thing).

My Callie is currently sitting at the door meowing b/c she thinks I left when I just opened the door to put trash outside. Poor thing. Oh okay, no worries, she found me and is sitting on my shoulder looking at my computer as I type this.

I'm watching Big Love right now - I like this show a lot!

Much Love

Yay: Rodeo tomorrow night!
Dang: Stupid cold.

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