Thursday, March 26, 2009


I'm not married, and I don't have any kids. Soooo I like to post pics of my kitty cat Callie :) Here are some I took my with my camera on my phone. She's silly but I loves her a lot!

Here is one of Callie when she is laying on my legs. She is completely bent over herself resting her head on her back leg, this picture cracks me up, hence why I took it :)
Up close and personal!

I got Callie's claws removed (i know some ppl are against it, please keep your opinion to yourself, i have no problem with it) and she was eating them sutures, soo she got to wear a cone.

Wow three posts in one day - yowzers! Oh -

Happy Birthday Jen Wu Floyd (her birthday was on Monday)!

Jen and I went to law school together and have many fun memories from moot court, vegas trips, galveston trips, floating the river, and many more! Hope her birthday was great and can't wait to celebrate it on Friday night!

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