Friday, June 19, 2009

Callie the Cat

My dear Callie,

This month you turn 1 year old, although at times you still act like you are a itty bitty rambunxious (sp?) kitten.
You have brought much joy and laughter to my life and are a very loving, affectionate kitty.
You crack me up on a daily basis b/c you are very weird, but in a good way. For one, you like to stare at the birds from the windowsill in my bedroom and in the living room. You even like to talk to the birds.

You love to sleep. Especially in this chair. And you do not like to be woken up, but do not mind in the least waking me up several times a night. You were good for a while but now you are back to pouncing on my face and biting my toes.
Which is another thing you like to do, bite. I don't know where this habit decided to appear from but you for some reason think my arm is the prime thing to pounce on and bite. Dear Callie, I do not enjoy this and do not think its a fun game, despite how much fun you might be having.

You like to sit in weird positions on my legs when I'm on the couch. This one below is your favorite position. I don't think it looks very comfy, but as you can tell by your pic you are fast asleep.

You enjoy climbing things, such as - the chair, the bathroom counter, the shower curtain (which is a little harder now that you no longer have claws), the washing machine (which scares me for fear you might fall behind it and get stuck), the water heater (again, scares me), the window (you try your hardest), the kitchen counter, and on top of my head.

This is by far your favorite spot to sit during the day, my bedroom window, and the living room window (identical view).

Your favorite toys include - my hair ties, q-tips, string, bags (which you find really fun to climb into despite the size), boxes (specifically my michelob ultra box, which is way too small for you but you find a way), toy mice, and anything you think might be fun to pick up and bring to me.
Your favorite activities at age 1 include - fetch with any of the above mentioned toys (which you are very good at btw), cleaning yourself, trying to lick water out of the toilet (disgusting), licking the bathtub clean (gross), staring at yourself in the bathroom mirror, making noises and talking to yourself, doing laps around my small apartment, hiding and thinking i can't see you so that when i walk by you can jump up and wrap your front legs around my leg, lying in any sort of comfy bag that I am packing to go away for the weekend, laying in front of the door when I try to leave in the morning, crawling into the fridge when i open it, licking Patrick's hair, trying to eat my hair (gross), giving kisses, purring all the time, and eating.
Your least favorite activities include - any type of water on your body, being fed anything but Iams Kitten Food (have to switch your food now, you'll learn to like something else), being lifted off of furniture that you really want to be on top of, when i take showers and you think i'm gone forever (you sit on the toilet lid and cry), and when I leave for the weekend.
You are a happy little thing and I've enjoyed the last year with you. I know you are a cat, so you won't read this, but know you are loved :)
Much Love.
Yay: its friday!
Dang: have to work this weekend, bummer.

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